Our Vote Decides

Dear Friend,

You and I both know the upcoming elections are critical and getting pro-life and pro-family voters engaged and to the polls in large numbers will determine the outcome.

I firmly believe our very republic is in danger. Those of us who love liberty must rally together for a better future.

Over the last four years, we've stagnated into an economy that has taken hope right down the slope and has left millions without jobs. Our neighbors have been forced out of their homes by foreclosure and herded into dependency.

We cannot be silent when the traditional definition of marriage is threatened, when human life is considered disposable and expendable, and when people of faith are told that they have to bow their knees to the God of government and violate their faith and conscience.

You joined with me on August 1 for "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day." We grew an idea into an event where the silent majority came forward and stood together in support of free speech. Today, I am asking that these same Americans, and their friends and family, rally together once again for America. The goal is simple: Let's stand together and vote together on November 6th. We stood in line for a chicken sandwich. Now we need to stand in line to vote and keep this country from falling further toward collectivism.

Like we did on August 1st, let us rally together using social media. A website/Facebook page has been created at www.OurVoteDecides.com. I will promote this address through all of my information channels and ask every committed voter to RSVP. I hope you will join me and use your Twitter account, Facebook page, pulpit, or printed word to share this simple message with your friends, family, and followers:

Let us stand together with one voice to determine the future of the Republic. Our Vote Decides!

Let's make this viral. Make it your own platform - not mine. Please share with your personal networks of friends and family. It is important that we show how unified we are in this mission so that we can't be dismissed as only a few.

I know many of us all have our voter registration drives underway and this doesn't change that. I want this to be a supplement and not a replacement for what you are doing. This is a place to commit to vote after registration.

To RSVP for Our Vote Decides Nov. 6th on Facebook visit www.OurVoteDecides.com

If you do not use Facebook and want to RSVP please go to www.MyVoteDecides.com.

And when you post your messages, please share them back with us and we will promote your organizations and campaigns on the event's Facebook wall, so that everyone can see who is involved and support your efforts as well. I hope we can all encourage each other's constituencies and fan the flames of voter intensity and commitment.

Our Vote Decides!


Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee


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