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  • Contact the pastor and ask permission to hold a voter registration event on a specific Sunday.

  • Ask if you can make an announcement or if someone will make an announcement on your behalf.

  • Ask permission to show the "One Vote Matters" video. Make arrangements for the church's technical director to download the video.

  • Ask if you can put an insert in the bulletin. Select and print a bulletin insert

    • Option 1 – Five Reasons to Register and Vote
    • Option 2 – Did You Know?
    • Option 3 – Voters Decide the Future of America

  • Arrange for a table to be set up in the lobby.

  • Download a Voter Registration Form. Make as many copies as you think you will need.

  • Pre-address individual envelopes made out to the office where completed forms must be sent. (Tip - Print mailing labels using the Labels tool in Microsoft Word.)

  • Download this Voter Registration Manual to find the mailing info for your state.(IMPORTANT NOTE - Do not mail all the completed forms in one large envelope. Many states do not allow this. To be sure you are complying with state regulations, the forms must be mailed individually. You will give each person a pre-addresses envelope and ask them to mail their own form.)

  • When a person fills out a Voter Registration Form, put it in one of the pre-addressed envelopes, give it to the person, and ask them to please mail it.

OPTIONAL – Champion the Vote would like to track which churches host voter registration events and how many people register. Here are instructions for sharing this information with CTV:

  • Download and print a copy of the I Registered form. Write the name of the church and the date on the form.

  • Every time a person registers at the table, make sure they sign the I Registered form. After your voter registration event, fax or email the form to us.

  • Fax: 205-278-8728, Email:

Voter Registration Drive

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